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Short Thought continued.....


Coming into God's rest


I was frustrated, agitated and restless, and I didn't even know why.

I did know though that I wanted to take my mind off whatever it was

that was bothering me and that I wanted to treat myself

to something to make myself feel better.

I was very close to going off and watching some random thing on TV for distraction

or eating something unhealthy for comfort.


Then I remembered that I had started a new “experiment”:

that of taking God at His word when He says to come

to Him for renewal and rest; that only He can satisfy.


So I listened to that little prompt from God that was inviting me to...

“Come away with Me, come and sit down and lets chat together. 

Tell me what's on your mind”.


So I did, I told Him all.  Like a cross child, I spurted it out all.


Then I realised that, actually, I was tired.

“Go and rest, catch your breath, it's been busy.”


As I lay on my bed, God showed me the source of

my frustration, agitation and restlessness.


I wanted something and I wanted it now, but I couldn't have it now.  I needed to wait.

“You know you are making this a priority when it really isn't.”


A criticism had been made to me that morning about a choice I was making.

“Who is it that you are living for?  Seek to please Me.”


There were things that I just didn't know how to handle.  I felt stuck.

“Take a step back, rest, and I will give you the clarity that you need.”


After resting, I didn't need the TV or the food that would comfort me for just a while.

I had accepted the invitation to stop, get away with Him, and

allow Him to speak into and mould my mind.

I felt re-centred, focused and calm.


How often do we seek other things than God to settle our stormy souls?

Why does it feel harder sometimes to come to Him

than it is to go for the “easier” options?

Why not “experiment” with Him afresh and then see what happens?


‘Don’t copy the behaviour and customs of this world,

but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.

Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.’

(Romans 12:2 NLT)



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