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Short Thought continued.....



I've recently made a new purchase…. I’ve bought a bike! 


It’s what I’d call a ladies bike: it’s upright in position, has lovely chrome handle bars,

a leather seat and a wicker basket to pop my bottle of water in!

It’s not for going off road like a mountain bike allows or racing around tracks.

It’s a bike I can ride on local lanes and around the countryside:

to slow down enough to take in the wonderful views, to breath in the fresh air,

to feel the breeze in my hair and the sun on my face. Something I can enjoy.


I confess that there is a deeper reason and desire for this purchase…
I yearn to come to a place where I know what it is to ‘freewheel’ through life –

to slow down enough to breathe life in and enjoy it; rather than to furiously pedal.


Furiously pedalling is something many of us are familiar with; life is busy, full on and at times, stressful.

Yes there are plenty of good, enjoyable and fruitful times along the way,

but we can become weary of pedalling furiously through the days, weeks, months and years.


I’m trying to learn how to not strive and pedal furiously,

how to not take matters into my own hands,

how not to worry, fret or be anxious when something doesn't happen according to my plans.


I’m trying to learn how to ‘freewheel’:

how to trust Jesus, how to rest in Him, how to enjoy being with Him,

how to let Him be in control, how to let Him guide and direct me,

how to let Jesus unfold His plans and bring things to me,

how to…. let Him be God of my life.


I’m in need of ‘L’ plates!

I want to learn to ride through life well, doing life Jesus’ way rather than my way,

letting Him show me and lead me.


I want to discern when He’s saying ”take your feet off the pedals, let Me carry you along, freewheel!”

and when He’s telling me to pedal to a certain rhythm and in a specific direction.


How do we learn, discern and embrace Jesus’ ways, rhythm and direction?

As we partner with Him, listen to Him, work with Him,

He gifts us with intuition and instinct to know the way ahead.


‘Who gives intuition to the heart and instinct to the mind?’

(Job 38:36)


God does.


And who shows us the way to go? God does…..

‘Show me how you work, God; School me in your ways.

Take me by the hand; Lead me down the path of truth.’
(Psalm 25:4-5 MSG)


Where are you furiously pedalling putting in so much effort to keep up or

to make something happen that it’s exhausting you?


How do you need to ‘freewheel’ with Jesus?

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