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Short Thought continued.....

Space for the Unexpected


A new year stretches ahead.

You may already have the year mapped out with agendas, schedules and arrangements all fixed and in place.


Planning can be a good thing and is sometimes necessary.

However many of us have a tendency to either fill all of our time or to let it become full.


We often leave little space for God’s unexpected invitations, encounters and opportunities.


If our agenda is full, our schedule packed and our time is constantly busy,

we perhaps miss sensing God’s unexpected invitations, encounters and opportunities.

We’re simply too busy to see or hear Him, or to respond.


During Jesus’ three year ministry he didn’t have an agenda or schedule, he didn’t have things all mapped out. 

Jesus went where His Father sent him; he did what pleased His Father.

 ‘“I do nothing on my own but speak just what the Father has taught me. 

The one who sent me is with me; he has not left me alone, for I always do what pleases him.”’

(John 8:28-29 NIV)

Jesus encountered opportunities along the way;

during these times He taught, encouraged, healed and helped people.


When we have the faith and courage to let go of our agendas, schedules and arrangements

to step into God’s unexpected invitations and encounters,

we come to experience His amazing opportunities;

we watch them unfold before us and stand in awe of what He is doing and who He is.

Through embracing ‘God’s unexpected’ our faith in Him expands and 

we are both blessed and a blessing to others.


Thought: How have I experienced ‘God’s unexpected’?

What space am I leaving for ‘God’s unexpected’?


Prayer:  Father God, as this year stretches ahead I desire to do what pleases you. 

Please re-arrange any plans that I may have mapped out to create space for Your unexpected invitations, encounters and opportunities.  I acknowledge I can do nothing on my own and

ask that through this year you will be with me and teach me more of Your ways.  Amen

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