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Short Thought continued.....

Four Days Late


‘“Lord,” Martha said to Jesus, “if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” ...

[Mary] fell at His feet and said, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.”’

(John 11:21,32 NIV)


When Lazarus became ill, his sisters sent word to Jesus that ‘he whom you love is sick.’ 

Martha and Mary believed in the miraculous power of Jesus to heal their sick brother. 

They knew his sickness would not end in death, if only...

but Lazarus died and was buried before their beloved Jesus came to them. 


Jesus was four days late.

It was over.


Mary – the one who poured perfume over Jesus’ feet – wept at her loss. 

Jesus wept, too. 

Then he ordered the tombstone to be removed...


Neither sister knew the glory of God that was about to be revealed in Jesus’ next action.

This was not the glory of miraculous healing but of resurrection power bringing their brother back to life:

the same resurrection power that was shortly to bring Jesus himself back from the dead.


God’s sovereign plans and purposes often include a time of delay, a period where we await his providence.

In the delay we are not given divine insight into His plans. 

We believe only in what we see, what we comprehend.

Our hopes and dreams die and we mourn.


Yet God intends to use the delay to demonstrate His resurrection power for greater glory.


What if the hopes and dreams you think have died are simply God’s delay?

What if your loss and disappointment is a precursor for greater providence?

Where have you seen God’s providence delayed for His greater glory?


Prayer: Jesus Christ, grant me the faith to remember that you are never late.  Amen.


Thought:  Thank God for His delays and resurrection power.

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