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Short Thought continued.....

Reviving the Dormant


A few years ago my brother was gifted a potted cherry tree which he placed in

his garage with the good intention of planting in his garden as soon as possible.

However, over time things got placed around the tree and it got pushed

to the back of the garage becoming hidden and forgotten about. 

A couple of years later, when tidying the garage, my brother rediscovered the neglected tree;

having been in the darkness and without water, it looked dead. 

Because this tree had been a gift, my brother decided to plant it in the garden.

He thought it was unlikely to revive but gave it the best possible chance by

planting it in a good space, along with a generous helping of compost and water. 
Over the next few months, he continued to look after the tree.

To his amazement, leaves began to bud and new shoots appeared.

Slowly over time the tree revived.

Ten years on this cherry tree has grown into a beautiful healthy tree

which bears fruit and has its place in the landscape of the garden.

It is amazing that a tree which had lay dormant in the darkness for a considerable

length of time could, in the right environment and conditions, come to revive.

There can be 'trees' which lay dormant in our lives:

a vision, a dream, a passion, a talent, a giftedness, a relationship...

Over time this 'tree’ has become surrounded by other things, hidden,

pushed to the back, forgotten about.

This wasn't our intention, it just happened.

For a season, it has lay dormant in the darkness, neglected.



What if now is the time for this 'tree' to be rediscovered?

What if now is the time for it to be taken out of the darkness and given a chance to revive?

A few years from now the landscape of your life, and those around you,

could be changed for the better because a dormant ‘tree’ was rediscovered,

given a good space and the right environment and conditions to slowly revive.

And it could go on to bear fruit and grow into something beautiful which brings glory for God.


What dormant ‘tree’ needs to be rediscovered and revived?

‘He who tends a fig-tree will eat its fruit.’

(Proverbs 27:18 NIV)


‘That they might be called trees of righteousness,

the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified.’

(Isaiah 61:3 KJV)

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