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Short Thought continued.....



In western society, we are infatuated with busyness.

If we are busy then we must be important, significant,

have value and worth as a person and have our lives ‘sorted’.


The question I seem to most frequently be asked is: “How's your week been? Busy?”

Sometimes I respond: “No! I’m not busy”; I watch people’s reactions,

their faces may show surprise or awkwardness as they are unsure how to respond.

I could reply: "Yes, dreadfully busy"; but whether I am busy or not I don’t want

my significance or worth to be found in what I do or in how productive I am being.

I find living in a culture that places so much significance on busyness disheartening.


I feel a need to stand my ground in choosing purposefulness over busyness.

I choose instead to be purposeful: to by faith seek what is important to God.

So I’m pausing more to ask myself:
Where have I seen God's goodness today?
How am I enjoying God and His creation?
What brings life?

Where am I seeing fruitlessness?


Contemplating these questions helps me discern:

how to live each day - each moment - trying to delight in God and please Him;

to focus on what matters and what’s important to Him;

and what is futile, pointless busyness.


‘Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires.’

(Psalm 37:4 NLT)


Prayer: Father God, we have one life to live, may we live it purposefully and well, bringing glory to You.


Thought: Am I infatuated with busyness or with Godly purposefulness?

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