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Short Thought continued.....

I Need

I wonder, if like me, you find yourself saying things like:

“I need a relaxing holiday.”

“I need my husband to be more caring towards me.”

 “I need my kids to be more helpful around the home.”

“I need a better paid job.”

“I need this shop assistant to serve me quicker.”

“I need more coffee!”


Such responses reveal our self-centredness and desire for self-gratification.

Perhaps there are times when you live with the false hope that your needs

will be met through others or by having more or better material things.

All of this is momentary: we desire for our needs to be met now

so that our lives may be easier or happier.


  Of course, as human beings we have needs 

but our need is greater than momentary desires, ease and happiness.


There is a wonderful promise of God’s which can change our perspective

helping us to look and live beyond momentary self-desires:


'The Lord is my Shepherd, I have all that I need.'

(Psalm 23:1 NLT)


To believe in this promise is to live trusting and depending on Our Lord to

be and meet our need, both in the present and for eternity.


 For in Him we have all that we need and everything we need comes from Him.


As Our Lord he knows and is able to meet our every need through giving us:

Rest, peace, guidance and strength;

His presence and companionship;

His protection and comfort;

His honour and blessings;

His goodness and unfailing love:

and everlasting life.

(Psalm 23)


Thought:  Who or what are you hoping will meet your need?

How does this promise help change your perspective?


Prayer:  Lord, when I look for my need to be met through others or material things and my desire is for momentary ease and gratification, forgive me.  I chose to live trusting in and dependent on You,

the Lord My Shepherd, thankful that in You I have all that I need.  Amen



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