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Short Thought continued.....

A Promise of God’s


Recently I was asked to share with my church fellowship a promise of God’s that has helped

me to live for Jesus.  The promise I spoke of was that God will teach and guide me.


‘Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths.

Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Saviour,

and my hope is in you all day long.’

(Psalm 25:4-5 NIV)


‘Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you.
Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you.
Rescue me from my enemies, Lord; I run to you to hide me.
Teach me to do your will, for you are my God.
May your gracious Spirit lead me forward on a firm footing.’

(Psalm 143:8-11 NLT)


Many years ago when I gave myself to Jesus, I stepped onto a path of discipleship.

Jesus became my Rabbi – my Great Teacher and Guide who would instruct me in His truths and ways,

who would teach me to do His will, and who would show me where and how to walk with Him.

This encouraged me to place my trust in Jesus as I walked by faith, and to be open to

His gracious Spirit leading me.  Little by little, Jesus has taught and guided me through

his Word, his people, and through life experience.


When I’ve felt lost, unsure, or perplexed by life situations, I’ve clung to the promise that God

will show me a way through the unknown, the uncertainty, and the difficult circumstances.

He will continually guide me.


More recently, I’ve come to recognise that God’s guidance deepens over time. 

A little like a toddler who doesn’t just get up and run but who learns to find their feet,

to become steady, to take a few steps, then to walk, and then to run. 

What God showed me in the early years was what I needed to know then. 

As my journey progresses He’s deepening and broadening my learning of His truths and ways. 

His ways are not our ways or the world’s ways.  As I’ve grappled with God’s ways, He’s been patient.

He’s picked me up when I’ve tripped and fallen; He’s been forgiving when I’ve made wrong choices,

or ill-treated people, or sinned against Him; He’s gently brought me back on track when

I’ve wandered off unknowingly, or veered off in disobedience.


My Rabbi is discipling me: He’s growing and changing me to become more like Him.

As He does, I’m thankful that He is a wise gentle teacher and guide who knows what is best

and what is needed for the present moment.  I’m thankful that Jesus is trustworthy. 

I’m also thankful for His unfailing love that constantly pursues me. 


Every day and all day long, my hope is in Jesus, my Teacher and Guide.


Which promise of God’s has helped or helps you to live for Jesus?

How have you leant into or on this promise?

What are you thankful for?

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