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Short Thought continued.....

Open the Door and Step Out


I attended a creative workshop run by Acorn Hearts a few months ago entitled ‘Thresholds’.

To give you context, we began the day in a little foyer area, and in front of us were some closed double doors. 

After a brief introduction the doors were opened with a flourish!

We stepped into a lovely, large, light and airy room which we were allowed to explore.

At the far end of the room were a series of patio doors leading out

onto a decked area and probably a garden beyond.


Later on in the day we did explore the gardens – and they are very, very beautiful –

but at that moment I was struck by how a minute ago I was sitting in a

lovely, comfortable foyer surrounded by lovely things and lovely people…..

At that moment I was happy and content and

I had no idea what was beyond those double doors.


I didn’t know what I was stepping into,

whether it was going to be better or worse than where I was.

I had to physically step into the room myself, and experience it for myself,

to discover all that it had to offer.

Now, I was able to see the wider space out beyond the patio,

but I would have to physically open up those doors and take the step out into the unknown to fully discover it.


Think about Peter, the only human being, aside from our Lord Jesus Christ,

who knows what it is to walk on water.

He had to take that physical step; he had to make that leap.

Jesus did not step forward and carry him over the edge of the boat,

Jesus did not even take his hand and lead over the side of the boat –

Jesus called him, Peter took the step.


‘Then Peter called to Him,

“Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water.”

 “Yes, come,” Jesus said.

So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus.’

(Matthew 14:28-29 NLT)


Often, when the Lord called me, I would answer with ‘yeah, but…..’!

“Yeah, Lord, I hear you but …….I am already so tired… I can’t take anything more on…

it is going to cost a fortune… there are not enough hours in the day…

so-and-so is better at it than me so I think I will leave it to them.”


When Jesus calls you how do you respond?


Now, I am trying to see what it is beyond where I am now:

Where is He leading me to?

Why does He want me to open up those doors?


Often I just don’t know, I do know this though –

Whenever I have answered His call with a step of faith

I have always stepped into something more beautiful than I left behind.

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