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Short Thought continued.....

Anything could happen


After Jesus had died his body was laid in a tomb.

The next morning three grief stricken women went to anoint Jesus’ body with spices. 

As they walked to the tomb they said to one another,

“Who will roll away the stone for us from the entrance to the tomb?” (Mark 16:3).  


These women acknowledged that there was a problem which they were not capable of solving

and which would prevent them from accomplishing their task and mission. 

The stone which had been rolled across the entrance of the tomb would have been large and heavy,

too heavy for three women to move. 

When they arrived at the tomb they saw that ‘the stone had already been rolled back’ (Mark 16:4). 

The problem and obstacle had already been taken care of.

An angel of the Lord had been sent ahead of them to roll the stone away (Luke 28:2).


As Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James and Salome entered the tomb

they discovered that Jesus’ body was not there.  There was no body for them to anoint.

Instead, an angel greeted them and told them not to be alarmed and that

Jesus was not in the tomb because he had risen (Mark 16:6). 

The women’s task and mission then changed. 

The angel instructed them to go and tell the disciples and Peter that Jesus

was going ahead of them to Galilee where they would see Him (Mark 16:7).


These three women had set out prepared, with good intentions, and

              with a task and mission in mind: to anoint Jesus’ body in preparation for burial. 

Instead, they were the ones to share the Good News that Jesus had risen.


There are occasions when we sense a calling to go on a task or mission for Our Lord.

We set out prepared and with good intentions.

Like the women, we might wonder what problems or obstacles we may

encounter along the way and how we might overcome these. 

We may be aware that we are not capable of solving the problem or moving the obstacle. 

Yet, undeterred we set off.


Whatever task or mission Our Lord is calling you to, hold faith and know that

He will go ahead of you and He will overcome the problems and obstacles.

Also, be open to the task or mission, which you think you are going to accomplish

and in a particular way, possibly changing.  The Lord may require something else of you.

Be faithful.  Be open.  Be expectant. 

You are going on a mission for the risen Lord, anything could happen!

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