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Short Thought continued.....

Moving beyond with Jesus


‘Lord, if it’s you,’ Peter replied, ‘tell me to come to you on the water.’

‘Come,’ He said.

Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came towards Jesus.‘

(Matthew 14:28-29)


Peter was a fisherman; he’d spent many years in a boat.

 It was his place of training, living and provision for his family;

it was his place of familiarity, comfort and safety.


Peter is prepared to go beyond his place of familiarity, comfort and safety.

Peter is eager to respond to Jesus’ invitation to leave the boat.

He wants to come to be with Jesus; the open water is where Jesus is.

He wants to experience what it is like to be out walking on water on an open lake.

It is an adventure which stretches his faith and character as he has to trust Jesus and

it is an experience which helps to deepen his relationship with His Lord as he is totally dependent on Him.


We can want to remain in our place of familiarity, comfort and safety;

even when we know that Jesus is inviting us to move beyond it.

This place may have trained us well and been a good source of provision;

God has taught us a lot and we’ve grown in this place.

But it’s time to move on into a new place

where we can go beyond our comfort zones and what is familiar to us,

where we can embrace new experiences and adventures which stretch our

faith and character and deepen our relationship and dependency on Jesus.


Getting out of our boat and moving into new waters comes in response to Jesus’ voice.

Peter didn’t act until he knew that it was Jesus who was calling him.

Before we act we need to take time to discern Jesus’ voice.

Jesus’ invitation is to “Come” towards Him, to come to be where He is, to walk with Him and do it His way.

This is a partnership with Jesus – Him and us.


When Jesus asks us to move we perhaps don’t want to do it by ourselves, we want others to come with us. 

Peter was the only one of 12 disciples who had the courage to move;

he was the only one to experience an exhilarating adventure of water-walking.


It can be scary to move beyond our place of familiarity, comfort and safety;

fear, doubt and risk of failure can surround us.

However just as Jesus was there reaching out his hand to catch Peter and lift him up to a place of safety,

He will also be there for us.


What place of familiarity, comfort and safety is Jesus inviting you to leave?


How is Jesus calling you to move on?


When you hear Jesus’ call to get out of your boat and move on,

fix your eyes on Him and faithfully walk with Him into His best adventures for you.

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