Retreat Spaces

From time to time I offer Retreat Spaces either as Guided Retreat Days or as Quiet Days.

These spaces are a safe place for you to come to 'be'.

Through a combination of Scripture, reflection, sharing and experiential learning

you will be encouraged to awaken your inner resourcefulness, creativity and wholeness, 

your spirituality, your thoughts, dreams, ambitions, passions, gifts,

as well as your doubts and fears, questions and hopes.

You will have space to witness God at work, to see and experience His goodness and glory.

We come to journey with others for the duration of our time together, in connection and companionship.   

What space and time do you need to create for YOU?

Who's journeying with you?

Future Dates:

Information will be posted as retreats are arranged. 

If you are interested in attending or hosting a

Guided Retreat Day or a Quiet Day please

register your interest by sending a

message using the contact form. 

Retreat Spaces are usually

hosted in the Wokingham area.

Self-led Retreat Resource

Towards the end of last summer, I felt inspired to write the Short Thought, Glimpses of Glory, and to also create an accompanying retreat resource that could be used by individuals at any time and anywhere.

As we find ourselves in this usual time of lockdown it feels like this resource may be just what some people need.

During this time we will perhaps feel disorientated, isolated, anxious, challenged, or excited over creating or grasping new opportunities. I hope that during this season, this resource will be helpful. 

The resource can be viewed by clicking on the box to navigate to the relevant page.

2020 Guided Retreat Days and Quiet Days

Themes and dates to be arranged.

Guided Retreat Day Themes:

Theme: 'Arise: for now is the time...' 

This guided retreat day invites you to awaken what God has put within you and to arise to a higher place.

Theme: 'Thresholds: the in-between space' 

Thresholds and transitions are part of our past, present and future life.  

This guided retreat day holds space for you to navigate the space between what was and what will become.

Theme: 'Horizons: pictures of life's landscapes'

This guided retreat day holds space for you to look at life’s horizons;

coming to find your bearings and to see a broader, clearer picture for the journey ahead.

Theme: 'For such a time as this' 

Esther was prepared and positioned for Kingdom purposes. We are too.

This guided retreat day holds space for you to approach The King with your requests.

Central to the day will be a Bible study on a passage from the Book of Esther.


Theme: 'The Gift' 

God wants to give you a unique 'Gift', one that's just for you.

This guided retreat day holds space for you to receive and unwrap your 'Gift'.

Testimonials from Retreat Days

"Thank you for facilitating an amazing day and providing the prompts and the space to allow God to speak."   Roz

"I arrived at the day being very aware of the Threshold I was stood on, and then was challenged to bring to God my many fears about this. I came to realise that they were all self-made fears and that I needed to trust God and to trust the abilities

He has put in me and that He would provide.

I was reminded of the line from a song

'In His presence all our fears are washed away' and

stepping and standing in the stream was symbolic of allowing God to wash away my fears. I was given such peace."   Laura

"On the day I was reminded that the Lord is with me and has created me for a special work and a special purpose so I needn’t

be afraid, He sees what is in my heart, He knew it all along.  If I trust in Him completely all will be well."   Sham

 Acorn Hearts is the witnessing space that awakens people to journey with God.


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