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Short Thought continued.....



‘Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel,

praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest heaven.”

(Luke 2:13-14 NIV)

Advent has begun and it’s a countdown to Christmas.

The practicalities can sometimes mean that it’s hard to connect

with the glory of what we as Christians celebrate.

The birth of Christ: God’s greatest act and gift: God made man.


The angels understood this when they began singing in response to Christ’s birth.

God is sometimes referred to as the Lord of Heaven’s Armies:

the angels are God’s warriors, and in the carol “Hark! The Heavenly Angels sing!”

we hear their celebration of the first act of God in reconciling sinner to Himself.

The long-awaited, long-ago prophesied God-man is born in time, heralding in a new era.

The Herald Angels understand and rejoice.


In awe, in adoration, with passion, with pleasure, their voices raise in unison:

“Glory to the new-born long awaited, long-prophesied King

who brings peace and mercy on earth

and whose birth reconciles God and sinners.

All you nations, rise up joyfully,

and join your voices with the triumphant declarations of the angelic hosts,

so that all of heaven and all of earth proclaims the great news

that Christ the Messiah is born, is come, is here, in Bethlehem.” **


My response is tears of gratitude of what an amazing thing we are remembering and celebrating.


Lord Jesus, help me to herald your birth, just as the angels did. Amen


How can you articulate your appreciation of God’s greatest gift this Christmas?



** Carol: “Hark! The Herald Angels sing! Charles Wesley, 1739

First verse rewritten and amplified


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