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Short Thought continued.....

The Seed and its Seeds


Botanically speaking, a seed does not die when it is planted in the ground.

Its seed coat, the hard exterior, is softened by rains, enabling the process of germination to begin.  

Everything that is needed to produce a new plant is contained within the seed coat –

the food source and the embryo plant simply lie dormant, waiting.


At just the right time, in the optimum environment - water, nutrients, warmth and light -

the seed coat ruptures and begins its process of transformation.

Roots grow first to anchor and provide channels for the nutrients in the soil to be absorbed.

Once these roots take hold, the embryonic plant begins its journey up towards the warmth and light,

where eventually it emerges and breaks through the soil.


What then is Jesus speaking of when He says:

 ‘“Let me make this clear:  A single grain of wheat will never be more than a single grain of

wheat unless it drops into the ground and dies.  Because then it sprouts and produces

a great harvest of wheat—all because one grain died.* “’

(John 12:24 TPT)

(*The Aramaic is “if it dies, it will bring forth a great rebirth.”)


 It is not the simple meaning that Jesus is wanting to be understood,

but the hidden meaning of His Mission, His Purpose and His Reward.

Jesus, The Seed, is saying that He needed to leave heaven to die so that many people will be with God in eternity.

What we now know is that Jesus’ words are part of a longer passage where He predicts His death.  

Yet, that message only becomes clear through Holy Spirit revelation and in hindsight.


Imagine however that the botanical seed cycle echoes our spiritual journey.

First we begin to separate from whatever has previously brought us life.  

At just the right time, the seed coat around our spirit softens to the watering of the Holy Spirit,

it comes to life and we begin to become ‘rooted and established’ in Christ.

As we continue to receive all that God has already provided, we begin to grow

and develop a new spirit, capable of maturing and bearing much fruit.

We are ‘being transformed into the likeness of Christ’.

 In order for seekers to see Jesus, we will also experience the dying and birthing experience.

Then the harvest among the nations will come.


Prayer:  Jesus, thank you that your death has brought new life.

Father, reveal to us your purpose for the stage we are in, so we may rest in you,

trust in your process, and look forward to what is to come.


Thought: How does this metaphor mirror your faith journey?

What’s important to know about what feeds and sustains you in the stage you are in?

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