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Short Thought continued.....

Playing our Part


From the time when Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden our perfect union

with God was fractured.  Ever since, humanity has been on a journey of deliverance to

find their way back into a reconciled relationship with God in a paradise called home –

that perfect place where all will be well.


As Sovereign Providential Deliverer, God will ensure

his people are rescued from danger and captivity,

‘relief and deliverance will arise’ (Esther 4:14).


The book of Esther tells of a time when the Jews were in grave danger.  Due to the vengeful

plot of Haman they were in threat of being completely wiped out as a nation (Esther 3:9). 


Queen Esther responded by taking a courageous risk.  She chose not to

‘remain silent’ (Esther 4:12) but to go before King Xerxes unsummoned

‘to beg for mercy and plead with him for her people’ (Esther 4:8).

Esther’s courage and wisdom changed the trajectory of the Jewish nation.

They were given permission to defend themselves and even though they

were in the minority, the Jews rose victoriously against their enemy.

God protected them and ensured they ‘got the upper hand’

and that ‘no one could stand against them’ (Esther 9:1-2).


Yet the Jews had their part to play, they had to fight for their freedom and future.


We have our part to play in God’s plan of deliverance.

We have a part to play in our own, and other peoples, freedom and destiny.

We will need to take courageous risks and act wisely.

We will need to fight for our own, and other peoples, freedom.


If we choose not to remain silent but rather go before Our King to beg for mercy and plead

with him for our people, the trajectory of the lives of our loved ones and our friends,

and our nation will change.


Our people and our nation need to know that Jesus is the Sovereign Providential Deliverer,

who through His sacrifice on the cross,

has rescued them from the dangers and captivity of sin, death and Satan.


We have our part to play in helping others to be reconciled to God

and to be on their journey back home.


What's your part to play in God’s plan of deliverance?

Where are you being silent?

How is God asking you to fight?


‘They remembered that God was their protector,

that the Sovereign God was their Deliverer.’

(Psalm 78:35 NET)

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