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Short Thought continued.....

Blessings in the Fire


When returning from holiday, our car caught fire. 

We had little indication that this was going to happen: we smelt burning,

saw smoke coming from under the bonnet and then saw flames.

We quickly stopped the car, made a hasty escape and watched our car

and possessions being consumed by flames within minutes.

Later as I was absorbing this frightening incident, I remembered that before

beginning our journey, I had prayed asking God to bless us with safe travel home. 


Was I now able to declare that He had answered this prayer?

The journey had not been what I had expected or anticipated,

our car and possessions had not made it,

but we had arrived home safely.


Bearing witness to and being thankful for God’s blessing, presence and provision

helped and enabled me to declare and have assurance and peace that

God had indeed answered my prayer.


I had sensed God’s presence with us as we escaped from our car

and helplessly stood by watching it be engulfed by flames.

God had protected us: no one was injured.

I had seen Him in the faces of the people who were there with us

and heard Him in the reassuring words which they spoke.

We had been blessed with a police dog handler being a few cars behind ours, she

happened to be off duty and on her way home; she had very naturally been able to take

control of the situation and even produce a much needed dog lead to help keep our dog safe.

We had been blessed with the expertise of fire fighters who were attentive and supportive.

We had been blessed with a family member who came to collect us and bring us home safely.


There are times when we question whether God has answered our prayers.

His answers seem to bear little resemblance to what we expect or anticipate the outcome to be. 

This isn’t always easy to absorb.

But as we encounter ‘firey’ experiences bearing witnessing to and being thankful for

God’s blessing, presence and provision will help and enable us to declare and

have assurance and peace that He answers our prayers in ways which He knows is best.


How are you bearing witness to God’s presence, blessing and provision?

What are you thankful to God for?


‘But I will give repeated thanks to the Lord, praising him to everyone.’

(Psalm 109:30 NLT)

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