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Short Thought continued.....


Enjoy or Endure


How much do we allow ourselves to be super-busy or distracted

with things that we don’t enjoy or want to do?


Ok, yes, there are always things which need to be done in order to function as a person, family, home or organisation.  No-one particularly enjoys washing up

(apart from my husband who claims it’s therapeutic… I’m not sure if he is being serious or kind, either way the job is his!), but it needs doing in order to create the necessary clean crockery.


Seriously, how many things fill your time which you have lost the joy in doing?

Do these need to be done?

If so, could they be done in such a way that you wouldn’t have to endure them

but instead they could bring enjoyment?


Here’s an example…

I use to enjoy cooking.  I even studied this to A-level standard.

Then along came the family; naturally I wanted to feed them healthy meals

and along the way teach them to cook.  However churning out meal after meal

over many years took its toll and cooking became a necessity and chore.

With my kids having flown the nest I now find myself cooking for two.

To begin with I continued to churn out the usual family meals

with little enjoyment, until it dawned on me that

I don’t have to let this continue.

So I reviewed things: I looked through recipe books,

listed new ideas, devised a new plan.

This fresh perspective has revitalized my enjoyment for cooking.


What one thing are you presently enduring that you could review

and change so that you are revitalized to enjoy it?


When we do things from a place of enjoyment we do them better,

for the right reasons and with a right heart.


God’s desire is for us to enjoy the people He places around us,

to enjoy the things we do and are involved with,

to enjoy His creation,

to enjoy being with Him.


‘Their trust should be in God,

who richly gives us all we need for our enjoyment.’

(1 Timothy 6:17 NLT)



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