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Short Thought continued.....

Seeing through the Fog


Many of us, at some point or another, hit that wall of not knowing what life is about or what lies ahead. 

What we once knew and felt secure about now seems but a shadow,

and we are left staring at the nothingness that sprawls in front of us and seems to engulf us. 

We might catch a glimpse of an answer here and there,

but we still feel lost in this sense of void and hopelessness.


I felt the reality of being in that place as I walked around a lake, engulfed in the morning mist. 

There was something beautiful and enchanting

about the whiteness of it all, it felt like a thick blanket covering me.

I could only see the faint outline of trees and bushes and 

the ducks come into focus as they flew out of the deep mist.


In that moment, I saw a 'live' picture of my life.


I felt lost in the 'fog' of not knowing what life is about for me now, or what it will be about in the future. 

This 'fog' wrapped me all around, for, wherever I looked in my life, I still could not see beyond a few steps.


I expected the lake to be quiet, but the noise was quite deafening.

The birds and ducks were alive in this mist, making a lot of noise and making their presence known. 

Just like people around me I thought, who are alive and active and seem to know what they are about. 


Yet, I remain silent and blind in the midst of it all.


I was surprised at how calm and peaceful I felt when this could have been quite an eerie and foreboding place. 

Why was I not scared or fearful? 

I realised it was because I know this lake well and have been there many times before. 

I know the layout of the land and what lay behind the shadows in the depths of the mist,

and I felt safe.


I have been in this place of confusion and emptiness before and I know that God has been faithful and present. 

Although, once again, I feel lost in the 'fog' of my now, I know what lies within it:

an invitation to return to my 'first love', getting to know and trust Jesus afresh.


This will give me a renewed outlook on my life that will help me accept my situation,

a renewed trust in the One who takes my hand and leads me on,

and a renewed deep, lasting joy that can only come from responding to His invitation.


Many of us, at some point or another, hit that wall of not knowing what life is about or what lies ahead. 

This is a place that God is familiar with, and whether we are here for the first time, or yet again,

let us not fear the unseen but rather respond to His gentle invitation to come back to Him, our first love.


“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine”

(Isaiah 43:1 NIV)

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